Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rhinebeck Projects!

I realize it is only July, but I decided to start planning my Rhinebeck projects for this year!

Rhinebeck (NY Sheep and Wool Festival) is an amazing fiber fest held in October.  I'd visited once while I was at Hartwick, and had to go back last year.  I took a class last year, which was a bit of a waste of money, but the festival is always worth the trip.

Disc dog exhibit at Rhinebeck last year.

Last year I entered 2 skeins and 2 finished projects.  One skein got disqualified because I didn't have the fiber labeled (the website didn't tell you to do that!), and one project got disqualified because it contained bamboo (which apparently isn't a natural fiber).  But of the remaining 2 items, I got a 3rd with the skein (2-ply Polwarth) and a 2nd with the felted bag.

My disqualified cowl and the Polwarth skein that got judged.

My Rhinebeck winnings!

I'm still not going to go crazy this year, but I wanted to do a few more projects and skeins to enter.

Luckily one project is already done!  I made my sister a pair of socks for her birthday, which isn't until November, so they're going to Rhinebeck first!

Next up is a surprise project, as it is another gift that the recipient doesn't know about!

The third project is going to be a pair of gorgeous color work mittens.  I'm hoping that I have some Knit Picks Palette at home in suitable colors, so I don't have to buy 8 balls of yarn!

And last but not least is a gorgeous cowl.  It will be knit with handspun camel/silk.

Camel/silk yarn.

I may or may not enter my handspun sweater as well...can't decide!

My handspun sweater.

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