Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Corespinning Llama Fiber

Well I have no excuse, I plumb forgot about posting yesterday!

And honestly I had no idea what to write about, even today, but luckily I found some cool pictures on my camera and thought I would share!

A few weeks before the CNY Fiber Fest back in June, I set out to corespin some of the baby llama fiber I bought from a friend.  I had washed 2 baby llama fleeces back in May, but hadn't done anything with them yet.

The dark brown fleece I tried just lockspinning (without a core).  It turned out pretty cool, but I wanted the added strength of a core.

So for the white/brown fleece, I decided to corespin it!

First up is to pre-spin the core.  This is actually optional, and honestly I'm not sure it did me any good.

My starting "ingredients"

Next you attach your spinning fiber and spin it with the core (however it happens to twist together) for a few feet to fully attach the fiber to the core.

Finally you start to get the fiber to cover the core.  For me, it works best to hold the fiber at an angle to the core (some say 90 degrees, but mine is more 50-60 degrees).  I sort of cheat, and try to use a core that is a similar color to the fiber so that it isn't terribly obvious if the core peeks out here and there.

There is a lot of trial and error in corespinning...figuring out the right angle, how much fiber to draft, etc.  But it is fun to play with!


Corespun yarn on the bobbin.

The nice thing about corespun yarn is that it has less twist than a typical single, so it tends to be a lot softer.

Finished yarn!

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