Saturday, July 12, 2014

Flower Garden Update

I'm going to try and be good this year, and not spend too much $$ on new flowers!  It is so tempting, especially when places like Lowes put their already-flowered plants on sale!

I planted a ton of new flowers last year (some I purchased, but most were from my mom and grandmother), so I think this year I just need to split and rearrange some things.

This big garden gets sun on the front edge but shade in the middle.  My lamb's ear died here, but the short sedum (front center) is doing great.  I might either split that, or transplant some of the short purple stuff from another garden.  There's a nice hosta in the center, and 2 huge sedums in the back.  I think I need to do something with the tall sedums, probably remove one and split it.  I still want a few more tall shade plants for the center, not sure what to put here.

Next is my favorite garden, but a hard one to plant (it gets very little sun).  The lamb's ear died here too, but the short sedum and purple stuff are both doing great.  I think I will split them and spread them out to fill the front edge.  The tall sedum (front left) needs to be moved, it is too tall.  There are daffodils here, daisies, day lilies, and tons of hostas.

This is more of the same garden.  I'm thinking the huge tall sedum in the back center needs to be moved too, but I'm not sure where.  I also need to fill in the patch in the center (right behind the short sedum).

This is a cute little garden that I think just needs time to fill out.  It is almost complete shade.  It has 3 hostas, sedum, chives, and columbine.

This is my "project" garden for the year.  I started it last year but expanded it this year.  Plus all 3 of the plants I put here last year died!  Now I have a clematis in the center, bee balm on the right, day lilies in the back, and some gladiolas.  I think the bee balm needs to move to a more sunny spot (not easy to find around here!).  The gladiolas are being devoured by something, so they need to go too.  And I need short stuff along the front, maybe some sedum.

And last but not least, another part sun/part shade garden.  This one has lots of day lilies, which is fine with me!  The spot in the center of this picture needs more stuff to fill in.

The area right next to the tree could use some tall stuff too.  There were a bunch of weeds which I finally pulled out this spring.

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