Thursday, July 3, 2014

Llamas: the "Green" Lawn Mowers!

I don't really consider myself lazy, but I guess in some respects I am.  Or maybe I'm smart!

Last year when the lamas grazed their pasture too low, I started letting them graze in other areas, inside a pen made from stall panels.  It was a lot of work to move the panels and walk the lamas out there every day, but they really enjoyed being able to graze.

The gang grazing late last fall.  I'm a firm believer in grazing for as long as possible!

Early this spring I continued the practice, before I would let the lamas back on their own pasture.  I moved them to a different spot though...around my garden!  We'd been having problems with groundhogs, so I wanted to keep the grass low around the garden fence.  Originally I set up the pen on the outside of the garden, but occasionally I moved it to the inside.

The gang in their pen next to the garden fence (on the outside).

Duque and T in their pen on the inside of the fence.

Over time I've begun to realize that it is fairly easy to bush-hog the grass on the outside of the fence, but the inside is much more difficult.  The ground is so uneven that it has to be mown with the push mower (it is also too narrow for the tractor in some spots), which is a lot of work!  Last week I set up the pen on one side of the garden (on the inside), so that the lamas could eat some of the really tall grass.  It has been too hot recently to let them out there, but tomorrow they're going back!  Hopefully they can graze during the day this weekend too.

Kara and T grazing inside the garden fence (within a pen too).

Before we moved to a place that had 2 unruly dogs, we used to stake the llamas out in the front yard to graze.  It is great training, and less to mow!

Duque staked in the front yard back in Indiana.  It is also a great way to dry llamas after washing, but without them getting dirty!

I did start stake training T and Kara this spring, but within the confines of the garden.  If a llama hasn't been stake trained before, you can't simply tie them out and leave them, they must be supervised.  T did really well, and Kara only twisted herself once!  Unfortunately it isn't safe to let them graze on a stake outside of the garden here, too many stupid dogs!

T and Kara grazing while staked in the garden.

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