Saturday, May 31, 2014

Planting the Garden!

Once we finally got the garden tilled, all I wanted to do was get it planted!

So that's what I did...

On Monday I planted the broccoli, as well as some onions, carrots, radishes and beets.

Broccoli in the distance.

Broccoli on the left.

Bed of onions, carrots, radishes, and beets.

Onions coming in.

Radishes (I think).

On Tuesday I planted the squash and pumpkin.

My poor covered squash.  They were being eaten by cucumber beetles...more on that next week.

Baby squash.

On Wednesday I planted the potatoes.  We also set up the trellises for the cucumbers and squash.

Two rows of potatoes.

Cucumber trellis.

Cucumber trellis.

Squash trellis.  This was a previous tomato cage, so we figured it might as well get used.

On Thursday I planted some of the flowers around two borders of the garden.

Parsley.  Something ate it yesterday...

Marigold (bottom) and nasturtium (top).

Calendula (top) and sage (bottom).

I planted some tomatoes today, but didn't get around to taking pictures!  I'll report on those next week.

My beautiful garden!

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