Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Rugs!

When my parents (and grandmother) came to visit a few weeks ago, my mom brought me a present...new rugs to sell!

The first two are my favorites...they're made from sock tops!  During manufacturing, they cut the tops off the socks to get them to the right length.  These rugs are really soft and durable, we've used them for years.

The other type is my mom's favorite.  They are made from textured fabric remnants, and weave into very soft, thick rugs.  They would be perfect for a bathroom.  At the moment we have 2 colors to offer, a light tan/grey and a darker brown/grey.

All of the rugs are available in my Etsy store, just follow the links.  I still have some of the brown and purple cotton rugs as well.

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