Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Novelty Plying- Wrapping

I will admit, I'm not much of a novelty yarn spinner.  I try from time to time, but I don't think I'm creative enough.  One thing I love to do though is novelty plying.  

My usual go-to is spiral plying.  I was given a huge box of rayon embroidery thread by my mother-in-law, and it is perfect for spiral plying.  With spiral plying, you hold one strand taught (usually the embroidery thread for me), and let the other strand spiral around it.  It is quite fun and very easy, and perfect for extending the yardage of a unique single ply yarn.

Spiral ply yarn (wool single and embroidery thread).

Something more new for me was wrap plying or wrapping.  Wrapping is the opposite of spiral plying...you keep the handspun single taught, and let the embroidery thread loosely wrap around it.  It is easier on a wheel with a flush orifice, but can be done with my Delta orifice as well.  This is a pretty simple wrapped yarn, but you can get very creative with it!

Wool single, spun very loosely and roughly.  I wanted to preserve the texture of the dyed locks. 
This shows how to position the strands while plying.  The wrapping strand should be at a 90* angle to the taught strand.  (My hand isn't actually positioned like this while plying, I had to use my other hand to take the picture!) 
A wider view of the strand positions.
Finished wrapped yarn.  (This picture shows the wrapping strand better.)
A true-color view of the finished yarn.  It is very light and fluffy!

I just finished setting the twist on this yarn tonight, so once it is dry in a few days it will go into my Etsy shop!

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