Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yarn, Yarn, and more Yarn!

Well its day 1 of my new organizational scheme for this blog, hopefully I can keep it going!

I had intended to post a new knitting pattern today, but I still haven't gotten around to writing it up so I will try again next week.

A sneak-peek at my next knitting pattern.  This is using some of my handspun yarn, a sport-weight mohair/merino blend that I had processed at the mill I work at.

Until then, how about some yarn?!

I've actually been pretty good for the past month or so when it comes to spinning.  I'm hoping to get a booth at the CNY Fiber Fest in Bouckville, NY in June, and want to debut my handspun yarn and patterns there.  So...I need to get spinning!

My yarn display at a previous craft fair.  I'll have to come up with something a bit bigger for the CNY FF!

Technically I have quite a bit of inventory (at least it seems like a lot to me), but most of it is at 2 yarn shops in NY and PA.  If I do get my booth I plan on getting all that yarn back (probably adds up to 40 skeins or so), but I felt like I should still spin as much as possible before June to build up some inventory.

One of my favorite skeins that is at the yarn shop in PA, a luscious blend of superfine merino, cashmere, and silk.

Most of what I spun the past few weeks is fiber that I got in various trades.  I found a great fiber trade group on Facebook last summer, and did quite a few trades since then.  It has really turned out to be a great deal for me (and hopefully my trading partners)!

So...onto the yarn pictures!  All of these skeins will end up in my Etsy store in the next week or so.


Wool blend spiral plied with rayon embroidery thread.

Merino/silk/bamboo.  One of my new favorites, I'll definitely try to trade for more!

A Christmas present, BFL/tussah silk.

American-grown (and spun) wool.

My other big project before the CNY FF is to write up several more knitting patterns to use with my handspun yarn- my plan is to sell yarn (and fiber) with the patterns as kits.  So far I have 3 patterns done, 2 for worsted weight and 1 for sport weight.  I still need a DK, bulky, and art yarn pattern (2 of each would be even better!).  So, if you have any suggestions for patterns that you'd like to see designed, please leave a comment!  I'm thinking about a hat, ear band, and maybe a buttoned cowl.

One of my other knitting patterns, thrummed convertible mittens!

Don't forget, check back on Thursday for a llama update, and Saturday for my first gardening post!

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