Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We Have Batts!

I've been wanting to add spinning (or felting) batts to my Etsy shop for awhile now, but it takes so much effort to get the drum carder out of its hiding place, find fiber to card, card the batt, clean up, and put everything away (sorry, was that a whine?)

But I've been doing TONS of fiber trades through Facebook, mostly trading roving or shoe insoles I'd had processed for dyed wool and alpaca fiber.  I was getting quite the stash of carding fibers, so I finally broke out the drum carder on Sunday and went to town!

The fiber to be carded...wool/mohair on the left, and alpaca/merino/bamboo on the right.

Unfortunately I don't have the best carder for production work, but it does the trick.  I have a Louet Roving carder, which is quite narrow.  Once off the carder and fluffed up, the batts are usually 5-6" wide.  Much better for spinning, in my opinion.

Carding up a batt.

I had a lot of fun carding Sunday...  I did about half alpaca and half wool (sometimes both in the same batt!), and added some fun stuff like bamboo, firestar, and dyed wool locks to keep things interesting.

The finished product!

Tonight I finally took pictures and weighed everything to get them all on Etsy!

Abby was "supervising" my photo shoot.

Then I made some more batts...

I'm going to be selfish though, these are for me!  Well, one set of 4 batts will be sent to some lucky Etsy shop customers to try as samples (plus I'm going to spin one to try it).  The other set of 4 batts is all mine though!  I'll post pictures when I get it spun up...

As I mentioned, the batts are all in my Etsy shop now!  I've also created a new "Batt of the Month Club"!  Just like the roving club, you will get 4 ounces of batts once a month for 3 months.  Of course you can always choose to get more fiber every month or more months of fiber!  The batts for the club will be 100% unique and one of a kind- no two will ever be the same!  I'm even going to let you customize them!

And now for what you really want...batt pictures!

100% wool batt.

Llama/merino/firestar batt.

Alpaca/merino/bamboo/firestar batt.

Wool/locks/firestar batt.

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