Thursday, March 20, 2014

Llama Biography #15: Autumn Hill's Catalina

The fall of 2003 brought 3 gorgeous babies from outside breedings.  The final one to be born was Autumn Hill's Catalina.

Catalina as a weanling.  Who couldn't love that face?

Catalina was the offspring of SHAG Cattera and PPF King's Ransom.  She definitely continued Cattera's streak of throwing predominately white babies.  I believe that my grandmother was the one to find Catalina after she was was common for her to come check on the "due" moms while the rest of us were at school or work.

Catalina at about a month old.

PPF King's Ransom, Catalina's sire.

SHAG Cattera, Catalina's dam.

Three Cattera babies...Catalina is in the middle.

Catalina was a little out-shined by her more colorful friends, but overall she was a very nice little girl.  I really wish I would've shown her in halter more, she was very correct.  I took her to 1 show in Ohio as a weanling, she was 1st in halter and showmanship.  Like her mom she had a sweet personality, and amazing fiber like her dad.

Catalina and her sister Faith both had great personalities.

Such a pretty girl!

Her one and only show debut.

Terrible haircut, but her fiber was so fine it was almost impossible to shear with the clippers!

After spending the first couple years of her life as a pasture ornament and fiber producer, she was eventually sold to a big alpaca farm in Ohio (where Charity, Blaze, and Faith all ended up as well).  She ended up being bred, and had a cute little male cria a few years ago.

Catalina as a yearling.

Catalina and her male cria.

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