Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Llama Yarn

I've been busy working on a special project this past week...llama yarn!

A friend of mine sent me about 10 ounces of gorgeous tan llama batts, and asked me to spin them.  I normally don't like spinning from batts, but I've figured out the secret...just turn them into roving!  Whenever I spin a batt, I split it into 3-4 strips, and then pre-draft the strips into thinner roving.  It is much easier for me to spin that way.

Once I finished the first of my color work mittens for Rhinebeck, I started spinning the singles.  Luckily we had crappy weather, so I got the yarn spun and plied in just a few days.  I washed the 2 finished skeins over the weekend (along with 10 other gorgeous skeins of handspun), and they are sitting upstairs drying.

The depth of color in the fiber is just gorgeous!

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