Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Rhinebeck Progress

Slowly but surely I'm getting stuff done for Rhinebeck!

First up...yarn!  The 2 skeins on the left will be entered in the competitions.  The far left is 100% merino, and will be in the 2-ply dyed wool category.  The one next to it is 100% Blue-Faced Leicester, and will be in the 2-ply natural wool category.

The center skein is 50:50 yak/silk, as a lace-weight single.  I really hated spinning it, but I might knit it into something for Rhinebeck next year.  And the 2 skeins on the right are my newest roving...60% BFL, 40% llama...spun at the last 2 weeks' farmer's markets.

And the biggest accomplishment...the cable lace cowl!  This was knit from 50:50 camel/silk, handspun.  It looks a lot cooler now that it is blocking, but I didn't get around to taking a picture!

I also have the knitting/crocheting done for my felting entry, but it still needs to be felted and assembled before it looks like anything!

I'll apologize in advance for being absent for the rest of the week...I'm heading to the NY State Fair tomorrow with the lamas (and husband)!  I'm really excited, its the first show for me in almost 2 years!  I'll report back with pictures next week!

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