Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Farmer's Market!

I was so busy getting new listings up on Etsy that I almost forgot about the blog!

I got to spend a beautiful day on Saturday at the Hamilton (NY) Farmer's Market!  I once again signed up for the second half of the market season (August 9-Novermber 1), and Saturday was the first day for me.

It started out quite cold for early August, and my spot is right under a tree so it was pretty chilly for most of the day.  I'll probably regret that decision (wanting to be under the tree) once it gets really cold, but oh well.

I'm using my awesome new A-frame display to showcase most of my small knit stuff, and it worked out great.

I also debuted my new poop tea...aka soil health improvement tea.  Unfortunately no one bought any, but hopefully it will catch on!

Overall it wasn't a bad day.  It is hard to sell wool knit clothing in the summer, but things will pick up once it gets cold!

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