Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I have a bad habit of spinning what I'm comfortable with...which typically ends up being a smooth 2-ply yarn, either DK or worsted weight.

My default...DK-weight 2-ply yarn.

In preparation for my first big fiber festival in several years, I'm trying to break out of my shell and spin a greater variety of yarns to sell.

As far as the smooth 2-ply yarns go, I'm hoping to have a good variety of sport, DK, worsted, and aran/bulky weight yarns.  I also hope that I will have original patterns to go with each weight of yarn.

More smooth 2-ply yarn.

And then there are the "art" yarns...my achilles heel.

Last spring I was gifted a bunch of gorgeous rayon embroidery thread, so I've been doing a lot of thread/spiral ply yarns.  The smooth-spun singles end up being worsted/aran weight when plied, and I've also done some thick & thin singles that end up being bulky weight when plied.

A thick & thin single (dyed) plied with a smooth single (natural).  I really love how this one turned out.

A TNT single plied with rayon embroidery thread.

I still feel like I need to try some new art yarns though.  I have a couple great books that talk about spinning art yarns, but nothing really seems to catch my fancy right now.

One example of "art" yarn, in the middle.

I think I might re-visit corespinning or lockspinning.  I traded for some gorgeous locks last summer, and I finally got around to buying cotton crochet thread to use as a core!  I think there is some grey mohair calling my name...

A corespun, spiral-plied yarn.

Lockspun suri alpaca (black) plied with dyed multicolor tencel.

Lockspun suri alpaca plied on itself.

Extreme tailspun Wensleydale/Gotland fleece.

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