Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CNY Fiber Fair

I don't think I ever officially announced it...I got a booth space at the CNY Fiber Fair in June!  I'm really excited.  I've heard from friends who were past vendors that sales weren't great but they are improving every year, so hopefully they will continue to grow!

I have 3 big projects to work on before the festival...

First and foremost, I need to SPIN like crazy!  I do have quite an inventory (at least by my standards, maybe 60 skeins), but more is always better.  I've been pretty good though, trying to spin at least a skein or two each week.

Handspun yarn that I've finished in the last 2-3 weeks.

Second is figuring out and building a display.  I brainstormed ideas for a display with my mother, and we decided that something like an a-frame spool rack (typically used for winding rug warps) would be perfect.  I can display 2 rows of yarn on both sides, and the yarn can in a loose skein rather than twisted up.  I'm secretly hoping my uncle is going to make it for me...not sure if it is something I could figure out on my own.

This is originally what I wanted (metal grid panels), but they are EXPENSIVE!!

This is what we are thinking of now, with dowels on both sides.

And last but not least is writing more patterns for my handspun yarn!  I really need to get motivated with this, I wrote my last pattern more than a month ago.  I still need patterns for DK, Aran, Bulky, and art yarns.  I'd greatly appreciate suggestions if you have them!

My latest pattern, a sport weight cowl.

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