Saturday, February 22, 2014

Llama Biography #14: Autumn Hill's Faith

Faith is another one of those llamas that I've always regretted selling.  She was born in September 2003, out of Casa Loma's Little Sheba and sired by PPF King's Ransom.  Sheba was of course my very first llama, and this was her second cria.  I had loved Ransom since I first saw him, so in the fall of 2002 I decided to have 2 of my females (Sheba and Cattera) bred to him.  Faith was the first of those 2 crias to be born.  I came home one afternoon from school to find Faith up and nursing.  I was so happy to have a gorgeous paint female!

Faith at a week or two old.  (Her half sister Charity is in the background.)

Casa Loma's Little Sheba, Faith's dam.

PPF King's Ransom, Faith's sire.

Faith really was the best of both of her parents.  She had gorgeous coloring, fabulous fiber, and the sweetest personality.  I was really looking forward to showing her, but only got to take her to one show before she was sold.  She was sold along with Blaze (Autumn Hill's Blazing Starr) to a huge suri alpaca farm in Ohio, and they left shortly after being weaned.

Faith's fiber as a baby.

Faith at about a month of age.

Faith at Christmas, in the house!

I was lucky enough to be able to see Faith a few years later, when I delivered 2 more llamas that I sold to the same farm (both were Faith's half sisters, Autumn Hill's Charity and Autumn Hill's Catalina).  Faith had quickly become the farm favorite, often coming into the barn office for a carrot treat.  She ended up being quite a bit bigger than her mom, and really matured into a gorgeous girl.  Last I heard her owners were trying to get her bred, I'm sure she would have some beautiful babies!

Faith in January 2004, 4 months old.

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