Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Knitting Pattern #5: Leafing Out Hat

I realized yesterday that I completely forgot to write a garden blog post on Saturday, so to make up for it I'm posting a new free knitting pattern!

This hat was a lot of work...I had an idea of what I wanted (stockinette hat with lace around the edge), but just couldn't find the right lace pattern to make it work.  I ended up changing what I originally wanted to do, and switched to a stockinette hat with a vertical lace motif.  I chose a gorgeous skein of handspun merino/silk/bamboo, and started knitting.  It was the first hat I'd ever designed, and due to the lace motif I had some issues with the decreases at the top.  It ended up having pointy corners, so I scrapped the pattern (not the hat though) and started over.

The second time around I went back to the original plan...stockinette with a lace edge.  I found a really simple but visually appealing lace pattern and modified it for working in the round.  This time I chose a plain tan handspun CVM yarn to knit with.  All in all I really like how the pattern came out!

I make a really bad model...

Leafing Out Hat

Women's Small/Medium

Autumn Hill Llamas DK Weight, 1 skein (or ~120 yards DK weight yarn)
#6 needles (double point or circular)

20 sts and 28 rows = 4" in stockinette

Cast on 102 stitches, join to work in the round.

Knit 1 round.

Work pattern chart.

Knit in stockinette (knit every row) until 5.75" from edge (at longest point).

Begin decreases.

  • *k23, k2tog, k11, k2tog, k11, k2tog* twice around
  • knit
  • *k10, k2tog*
  • knit
  • *k9, k2tog*
  • knit
  • *k8, k2tog*
  • knit
  • *k7, k2tog*
  • knit
  • *k6, k2tog*
  • knit
  • *k5, k2tog*
  • knit
  • *k4, k2tog*
  • knit
  • *k3, k2tog*
  • knit
  • *k2, k2tog*
  • knit
  • *k1, k2tog*
  • knit
  • *k2tog*
Cut yarn and thread end through the remaining stitches.  Pull tight to close the hole.  Weave in ends.

The pattern hasn't been test knit, so forgive any mistakes you find and please let me know so I can fix them.

**It is now on Ravelry!**

I also have to mention that my baby (Autumn Hill's Karakoram) turns 2 today!  It's hard to believe that she's the last baby we had on the farm...and kind of sad.  Kara has really grown up in the past 2 years, but I'm hoping she grows a little more in height before she's done!

Newborn Kara.

Kara a few weeks ago.


Do the Day said...

Kara is gorgeous! Appears to be very huggable. Your hat pattern is also tempting. I'm in between projects and the hat looks like I would enjoy wearing it this spring. On the needles it goes! Thank you!

Unknown said...

Do you have this written?

Emaly said...

I don't have the chart written out yet, but I can easily do it if you'd like me to!