Monday, October 22, 2012

Humming Hoosier Classic!

Finally some real news from the farm!  On Oct. 13 I attended the Humming Hoosier Classic llama show in Crawfordsville, IN.  It was a bit of a chilly day, but a fun show none the less.

I took Ralph, T, and Kara to the show.  It was Kara's first time away from home and Bluff, but she did great!

Ralph and Kara chilling out between classes.  Kara is now taller than Ralph at only 5.5 months old!

The first class of the day was Kara's halter class, and she got 2nd in her age division and 4th overall!

My beautiful little girl!

Look at those ears!

Next was T in halter and showmanship.  He won his halter class, and we got 4th in showmanship.  He didn't want to behave for some reason!

T finally standing pretty!

And last was Novice Pack.  The show went really slow, so we had to leave before we got to compete in Obstacle and Public Relations.  None of my animals placed, but they all did really well.  T was really squirrely again, but Ralph was really good and Kara did a lot of obstacles she had never seen before!  Not to mention it was the first time she had a pack on!

Ralph in Novice Pack, getting ready to put the bag of cans on his back.

Overall a great show!  Now there's just 2 more weeks til the last show of the year, the North American International Livestock Expo in Louisville, KY!  That show will be just Ralph and Kara.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Craft Fairs!

Things have been pretty quiet on the llama front now that I'm back at school for my final semester, but I've been keeping busy with craft fairs this fall!

The first one was the annual Shelby County Pioneer Fair back home in Indiana.  I actually sold a ton of stuff that weekend, and had a lot of fun spinning on a big walking wheel!  Don't have any pictures though, mostly because I was dressed in my 1800s costume and didn't want evidence!

I was supposed to do another craft fair the next weekend back in Michigan, but due to forecasted rainy weather (which never happened) I decided not to go.

The following weekend I found yet another craft fair (technically a heritage festival) to go to for a day.  I finally remembered my camera so I have pictures!  The event was held at the Woldumar Nature Center outside of Lansing, MI.  There were several craft vendors, as well as costumed demonstrators, a native flute player, a petting zoo area, wagon rides, and games and activities for kids.  I didn't sell much, but I had a great day spinning in the beautiful fall weather!  I ended up spinning about a pound of the BFL roving that I'm working on for a handspun sweater.

Pioneer cabin on the grounds near the nature center.

Indian dwellings built for the event.

My little "booth" at the heritage festival.

Now that the craft fairs are over for the year (at least for me), all of my handmade items will be working their way back to my Etsy site in the near future.  Just need to get pictures of the new stuff to list!  Start thinking about Christmas gifts early!