Sunday, September 13, 2015

Another Garden Update!

I finally got some recent garden pictures, and wanted to make sure I posted them before they weren't so recent anymore!

The squash and pumpkins have been having a pretty good year.  The powdery mildew is taking over now, but frost isn't too far away so I'm not too concerned.  

So excited to pick my big carving pumpkins tomorrow!

I harvested all of the carrots over the weekend, and we got a good amount.  Raised rows is definitely the way to go with carrots, they are huge!

The cucumbers are shot, and have been for awhile.  I think they got cucumber mosaic virus...

The tomatoes are doing pretty well.  I've been proactively applying a copper fungicide to keep them healthy, and it seems to be working somewhat.  They're still diseased, but going strong.  We've harvested a ton of tomatoes, too!  (Each picture shows a different variety of tomato.)



Old Brooks.

Iron Lady.


Oregon Spring.

Yellow Perfection.

Matt's Wild Cherry.
I finally ripped out the broccoli and made two new root vegetable rows.  I'll probably cover them with something once it starts to frost, but root veggies can handle a bit of cold.  I planted radishes, spinach, beets, and carrots.

And no garden update post is complete without a picture of the harvest!  This was just one day.  We now have twice as many tomatoes and at least 10x as many potatoes!  And I still need to dig the rest of the potatoes!

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