Thursday, March 7, 2013

We've Moved!!

Here I promised that I would update more over the past couple of months, and I failed miserably!  Unfortunately, even though I was home on the farm for all of February, it was a pretty nasty month weather-wise, so the llamas and dog didn't get much outside attention.  But, circumstances have changed, and I'm really going to try my best to keep up with this blog!

Because...we've moved!!

Yes, Abby and I finally have moved to our new home in upstate NY.  We're now living on a beautiful old farm, and I can't wait for spring to arrive so I can start doing farm-life things outdoors!

The temporary llama barn.
Abby's not quite sure if she likes her new home or not.  She has been pretty much cooped-up in my bedroom.  There are 2 resident dogs that have to get used to her, and we're going really slow with the introductions.  Hopefully in a few more weeks they will all get along and she can have free-reign of the house.  She does love being able to run around and play fetch on 60 acres though!

One of the 2 resident dogs...a gorgeous Great Pyrenees!
I have lots of great things planned for the farm in the coming year.  First and foremost is to fix up the beautiful bank barn and get fence up so I can move the llamas in June!  I'm also hoping to continue to cultivate my green thumb with some of the flower gardens around the house.  Should be fun!  Of course, the forecast is predicting 4" of new snow tonight, so the idea of working outside seems pretty far off...

The top of the barn is currently home to pigeons, so it needs a lot of work!
The bottom was an old cow milking parlor, and it is in pretty good shape.  Just need to test the paint for lead, clean the surface, fill in the drains, and build a couple pens!
Back of the barn, where the llama pasture will be.  The big metal thing has to get moved too...
Hopefully we don't get this much snow!

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