Saturday, March 16, 2013


Lots of business-oriented progress this week!  I tend to get really focused on one thing, and spend all of my waking hours thinking about it or working on it, but at least that is good in this case!

First and foremost, I got a NY sales tax license!  I still have a few more things to figure out in terms of sales tax and other NY rules, but I'm hoping to figure that out in the coming weeks.

I also placed part of my handspun yarn on consignment at a local yarn store!  Cornucopia Yarns in Endwell, NY (outside of Binghamton) has agreed to try and sell some of my yarns, and I couldn't be more excited!  Now I need to spin like crazy so I can try and get yarn ready to sell at another yarn store, this time in Ithaca!

One of the yarns that is on consignment at the local shop!

Speaking of, I finished spinning the singles for my newest handspun yarn today.  It is a beautiful blend of merino wool and yak from Abstract Fiber!

One bobbin of merino/silk.

And last but not least, I just ordered a bunch of mill end roving from the Sheep Shed in WY!  I bought white roving, brown blends, black blends, and random colors.  I may order a pound of their dyed Cotswold locks later, but they were sold out.  Now I just need to find some dyed shiny stuff (silk, tencel, bamboo, etc.) to blend, and maybe some curls/locks, and I'm all set to start blending with the drum carder.  Then spinning!

Oh, and I finished my sweater!  Just need to block and seam the back panel and it is finally all done!

Back of my gorgeous sweater (pre-blocking).

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