Thursday, September 20, 2012

Llama Biography #8: Little Cattessa

Well yet another llama that came along before digital cameras...I promise some of the next ones will have more pictures!

Little Cattessa, fondly referred to as Tessa, was the second cria (first planned one) that was born on our farm.  Her mom, SHAG Cattera, was bred shortly after we purchased her, and Tessa was born the next fall (October 2000).  I remember that she was born while mom and I were at the Blue River Pioneer Fair in Shelbyville, and I went running out to the barn in my dress when we got home!
My sister and Tessa winning Grand Champion Junior Performance at the 2002 Hamilton County Fair.

Tessa was the first in a long line of white crias for Cattera.  Her dad was a gorgeous appy male owned by Shagbark Ridge Llamas.  Tessa had a few red spots, but nothing like her dad!

SHAG Cattera, Cattessa's dam.
Since May (Little May Flowers) was "my" cria of the year, my sister took over Tessa.  They made a great team too.  2001 was my sister's first year in 4-H, and Tessa was her show llama.  She ended up being very well-trained and was very tolerant!  My sister really cleaned up at the shows!  She showed Tessa in 2002 as well, and then she was sold to a new farm in Martinsville.

Tessa went on to have a great show career for her new owners as well.

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