Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Llama Biography #4: SHAG Lakota

Once again I find myself at a loss about what to talk about tonight, so I'll whip out another short llama biography!  This one will be rather short, as Lakota was only on our farm for a few years.  Don't worry, his story has a happy ending!

SHAG Lakota came to our farm with Cattera and Duque, from Shagbark Ridge Llamas in November 1999.  He was a young yearling male, who we later had our vet geld (neuter) so he would play nice with the girls.  He was 4-H trained by a friend of mine as a baby, but never really seemed to enjoy being in the show ring.  He did however have gorgeous tan fiber!

So for a few years, Lakota was just a glorified lawn mower.  Didn't really leave the farm much, but he was a sweetheart and fun to have around.  In 2001 (or somewhere around there) we sold him to a friend of my dad's, along with another female that we had.  A few years later, they decided to get out of llamas and we took Lakota and his two friends back temporarily, and then found them another home.  He then spent several good years as a 4-H llama in Morgan Co., Indiana.

And then I got a call from a man in Florida looking for some bomb-proof pet llamas.  I sold him Cattera, and Lakota's owners sold him to go with her.  So the two buddies that started our farm went together to Florida, and now have a great life!

So...turns out I don't have any pictures of Lakota on my computer because he was "pre"-digital camera!  Sorry for the picture-free post!  Good news is that I'm heading home this weekend, so I'll be able to take lots of pictures, hopefully I remember!

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