Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Change of Plans...

Well I just spent 45+ minutes writing a big blog post advertising my gorgeous girl (llama), Annie, for sale, and then as I go to add pictures I get an email with someone ready to buy her!  So Annie is sold!  She is going to have a great home, and I can't wait to see what kind of crias she has!

Now this post is going to turn into knitting and spinning stories instead!

I was spinning like crazy over Christmas break (and a bit before, because who really wants to study for finals?), trying to get half a pound of beautiful merino wool roving spun and plied.  I managed to get it all done, ending up with 5 skeins (now balls) of approximately worsted weight 2-ply yarn.

The color really looks like this, just a bit darker.

It's really hard to get the colors right!

I really wanted to finally make something to keep myself warm this winter, so I was planning on a set with a cowl, earband, and mittens.  The cowl was the first on the list.  I found a gorgeous cabled pattern on Ravelry, and knit it up in just a few days!  I finally found the right pewter buttons for it, just need to get around to putting it all together so I can wear it before winter is officially over.  The mittens (convertible) are next, after I finish my current felted bag project (gotta love wool scraps!).  For the earband I'm envisioning a cabled outer layer, with the inner layer knit out of handspun angora.

After the spinning but before the knitting of the cowl, I whipped up an earband for my fiance and a baby hat/bootie set for a good friend.

Cabled earband, knit out of handspun llama/alpaca and handspun angora (held double). 
The baby set.  Knit out of Lion Brand Organic Cotton.

How cute!

I'm definitely addicted to making baby stuff!  Good thing this kid will need lots of handknit stuff!

I also spun up a bunch (~8 ounces, 280 yds!) of mulberry silk.  This ended up about sport weight as a 2-ply.  This was for a custom order on Etsy, first order of the year!  I'm really going to try and advertise my Etsy store more, I'd love to get more happy customers!

Nothing like the shine of 100% silk!

And speaking of happy customers, I'm having a "refer a friend" sale!  Refer a friend to my Etsy store, and when you *both* place an order, you will *both* receive 10% off your order!  You can refer as many friends as you want!  If you don't quite see what you are looking for, I'm more than happy to do custom items!

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