Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fair time!

Finally, it is time for the Indiana State Fair!  It is definitely one of my favorite shows of the year, and I can't wait to be back next Thursday.  This year they are having 2 completely separate shows (for the most part), so the llamas will be there for 3 full days instead of just 2.  I hope the animals don't get's going to be a long weekend.

Showing Ralph in halter.

All of my craft entries for the fair were submitted today.  Judging occurs this week so the items are ready for the fair to open on Friday.  I got all but 2 items that I was planning on submitting done in time, which isn't too bad.

Due to Bluff being bred (fingers crossed!) and April finally getting the retirement that she deserves, it is just going to be Annie and Ralph at the fair this year.  They both went last year, and Ralph did pretty well, getting 1st in halter, 5th in novice PR and 8th in novice pack (with 40+ entries in the novice classes!)!  Annie was really nervous at the show (pretty much all of the shows last year), so she didn't place, but she did respectable in performance as well.

The gang at the 2010 Indiana State Fair.

So Annie is replacing April as my showmanship companion, and I'm ditching costume this year.  I'll come up with a new one next year when I can show Bluff (and the baby!)...I'm thinking a zoo keeper and elephants!

If you're in the Indianapolis area this weekend, come over to the fairgrounds and say hi!  We'll be in the draft horse barn most of the day Thursday (setting up), and then the show is all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

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