Saturday, July 18, 2015

May is Coming Home!!!

I'm pretty surprised that I haven't posted about this sooner, because I've been over the moon for the last week or so...  After almost 10 years of being away, May (aka Little May Flowers) is coming back to the farm!

May, Spring 2005.

To make a long story short (but you can read the long version here), May was the very first cria to be born on our farm, over 15 years ago!  Her mom April (Alder Crest April Showers) has always been one of my favorite llamas, but I was stupid enough to sell all of her crias!  May was part of our breeding herd for a few years, giving us 3 gorgeous crias.  She was certainly one of the few select llamas that I've regretted selling over the years.

April, Spring 2004.

Baby May, Summer 2000.

May's first cria, Autumn Hill's Blazing Starr, Fall 2003.

May's second cria, Autumn Hill's Trillium, Fall 2005.

About a month ago I got an email from May's owner, asking if I'd be interested in taking her back.  Even with her age, I knew I had to have her!  I'd already been searching for a new guard llama, and May is one of the best.

Everything is now set for May's transport to NY...she should get here the last week of July.  She'll be quarantined for a few weeks as a precaution, and then has a busy fall scheduled!  She's going to be joining Ralph, Kara, and Lily at the NY State Fair at the end of August, and then will be visiting Dakota Ridge Farm in Albany for a "date" with one of their breeding males!  Even with her advanced age (and the fact that she hasn't had a cria in almost 8 years!) I'm hopeful that she can be bred one last time.  I'd love for April's legacy to live on in my herd!

May and I at one of our last shows together, Summer 2003.

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