Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snow, and Cold, and I Don't Want to Go Outside!!

I used to love winter, I really did...then I moved to upstate NY and moved my 5 llamas (ok, 4 llamas and 1 alpaca) there as well and my love of winter went down the drain.

Our first big snowfall of the year.

I thought I knew what winter in upstate NY was all about; after all, I spent 4 years here during college.  Note to self: walking from a dorm to class and back is much different than driving 1 hour every day plus doing chores and taking care of livestock!

The llamas don't mind the snow too much.  As long as I lure them outside with hay!

Now, as much as I hate to say it, I don't like winter nearly as much.  I don't have time to play in it like I used to (I've only gone XC skiing twice this winter, and haven't gone downhill skiing at all!), and I'm just sick of it!

XC skiing with Abby last winter.

I'm slowly but surely figuring out some ways to make winter more bearable though, at least where the lamas are concerned.  I no longer feel bad about locking them inside at night, because they stay warmer and I worry less.  The two oldies also wear coats (with wool sweaters underneath) 24-7.  I've added a "litter box" to the barn to make cleanup easier.  And I've installed a plastic strip door (think walk-in freezer) to the barn door to keep the cold and wind out.  I still hate dragging poop down to the garden through 12" of snow though!

April in her coat.

So, what are your thoughts on winter?  Have they changed since you were a kid? ;)

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