Monday, October 27, 2014


Well, the long-awaited post is an apology.  The past few weeks have been horrendously busy, and thus no blog posts!  And unfortunately, things are just going to get worse...

In good news, I got a job (yay!!!), but that means that my blogging time (and time for doing things worth blogging about) is going to decrease tremendously.

My plan is to write at least 1 post a week, and I'll be abandoning the nice "schedule" of posts that I was following.  That's not completely a bad thing though, as I wouldn't have much gardening to talk about anyway!

I hate change as much as the next person, so again I apologize for neglecting this blog (and continuing to do so for the foreseeable future), but hopefully this change will be a good one!

It is Khatadyn's birthday this week, so I thought I'd share his picture.

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