Monday, July 29, 2013

Fiber, fiber, and more fiber!

With all the nice weather we've been having in upstate NY, we've actually managed to get quite a bit done on the fence, but somehow I managed not to take any pictures!  We're almost done though, so I'll wait and take pictures once it is all done.

In the meantime, I have lots of new fibery pictures to share!

Back in late June/early July, I was spinning like crazy to stock my booth for the Hamilton 4th of July Farmer's Market, but I just got around to taking pictures and listing all the yarns on Etsy this week.  There are some really cool ones available, if I do say so myself!  Get them while they're hot, they won't be in the Etsy store long once I start the farmer's market again in August!

Our very own tan llama roving plied with dyed wool/alpaca.  Subtle but gorgeous!

This is definitely NOT subtle!  A gorgeous thick & thin spiral ply art yarn in beautiful neon colors.

My very first tailspun yarn!  The base yarn is the same dyed wool/alpaca as above, with grey Gotland/Wensleydale locks spun in.

This one might be my favorite...gorgeous jewel-toned alpaca/silk blend.

Another big surprise when I got back from Colorado...I had roving ready at the mill!  They had already processed my natural grey llama/BFL roving while I was gone, and when I went back to work I got to process my own corespun yarn!  I heard that the second batch of roving was going to be processed last Friday, so hopefully I can bring it home on Wednesday, along with a kid mohair fleece I had them wash.

The natural grey BFL/llama roving.  It is gorgeous, really need to spin some myself!

Six pounds of corespun yarn!  It will be made into bags to sell.

I've got a few more fibery things planned for the remaining warm weather this summer/fall.  First and foremost, I need to skirt the few remaining fleeces that I have, so they can get made into roving at the mill.  I have a cool merino/romney fleece that I'm going to have blended with a bit of firestar, and a couple of yearling mohair fleeces that I want to have dyed and blended with a finn/romney fleece (already skirted!).  I also have two fawn alpaca fleeces at home in Indiana that I'm going to have made into roving.

I also have a few suri llama and alpaca fleeces, as well as some gorgeous Gotland/Wensleydale locks, that need to be washed in preparation for lockspinning this winter.  And I have a ton of white scrap wool that I want to solar dye with Kool-Aid to stuff into bird nesting balls.

Solar dying with Kool-Aid last summer.

The results...and yes it smelled like fruit, even after rinsing!

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