Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fiber Progress!

I've had quite a bit of time to knit recently, and have made good progress on Christmas presents!  I'm not sure I posted pictures of any of the earlier ones, so I'll start way back in August!

This is a beautiful purple (sorry, crappy camera!) lace cowl that I knit from Stonehenge Fiber Mill yarn.  Either sport or worsted weight, can't quite remember.  It sold very quickly at one of the fiber fairs I attended this fall.

Next is a bee shell for a stuffed turtle I made my future nephew.  His parents raise bees, so I just had to make the bee shell!  Christmas present #1!

One of my frequent "stash busting" projects.  A pair of finglerless mitts from some scrap wool/mohair yarn my mom bought to bind the edges of her hooked rug.  They also sold quickly at the Pioneer Fair.

This is the first of my selfish earband to finish off my trio of winter items for myself!  The yarn is handspun (by me!) merino wool that I got at the Michigan Sheep & Wool Fest last year.  I made fingerless mitts and a cowl last winter and the earband is the last piece!

Another gift...this time a belated birthday present for my fiance.  I had the slippers knit before his birthday, but I had to wait til he visited to felt them so they would fit!  Sewing on the soles took forever but they look awesome and he loves them!

Another selfish project...washable fingerless gloves for myself.  I decided I needed something for future winter barn work, and they've already come in handy at 2 fall llama shows!

Birthday present #2...socks for my sister.  Unfortunately she loves handknit socks, and I hate knitting them!  The yarn is 10% cashmere and absolutely fabulous though, so at least it is fun to knit with!  One sock is done and the other is about halfway there...

And Christmas #2 or birthday #3...slippers for my mom.  I couldn't find the yarn that the pattern called for but decided to hold 2 strands of the Brown Sheep wool/mohair worsted weight together (in place of a bulky weight), and it works great!  I hope they hold up...they aren't felted...

I've also started on a mohair caplet for myself to wear to a friend's winter wedding next month...currently that is my #1 project to finish.  The rest will probably have to wait til I'm done with school!

Speaking of, school is winding down for me, and that means that life is about to get really crazy.  So I'll be taking a month or so hiatus from the blog so I can focus!  I'll try to get a post or two in before Christmas though once I get back home.  And spring next year should be really exciting as I move to NY and work on bringing an old farm up to speed to house my llamas starting in the summer!

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