Saturday, November 19, 2011

Big Etsy Update!!

Well I'm finally working on the big Etsy update! (amid doing schoolwork and playing with the puppy)  I've got brand-new pictures of all my current knit items and handspun yarn, and just finished listing my knit wire beaded candle holders (brand new to the shop!)

These are the candle holders.  I started the project as a way to use up old beads I had leftover from my jewelry-making youth, but they turned out to take a lot longer to knit than I thought they would!  I have 6 done, and am planning on finishing the other 6 (I bought 12 glass holders and candles) before I give up the project.  They are about 2.5" wide and 2.5" tall, and come with cinnamon, vanilla, or fresh linen candles.

Some of the knit stuff I have listed, all photographed with my new glass head model!  The hats are both handspun (upper right is wool handspun by my mom, bottom left is llama/alpaca and angora rabbit (from our herd!) handspun by me).  The cowls are both acrylic, but still very gorgeous and soft, and priced right!

Some of the handspun I have listed.  Blue silk, pastel alpaca/merino, pale blue/purple merino/tussah silk, and multicolored merino/tencel/silk.  Two of these are Indiana State Fair winners!

For those of you looking for Christmas presents, make sure to check out what I have listed so far, and keep checking back for new items!  I'm hoping to have everything listed in the next week or two, and plan on rolling out a coupon code before Christmas!

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