Monday, May 9, 2011

I want a baby!! (llama that is...)

I miss having baby llamas on the farm!  I keep seeing post after post on Facebook about farms that have had crias born this spring, and I'm so jealous!  I know that it isn't responsible, but sometimes I wish I could have 4-5 crias born each spring and fall...they are so much fun!

Fall 2005 crias: (L-R) Trillium, Catastrophie, April (the big female laying down), and Inali.  That was such a fun year!

Now that I'm in grad school, we've made the decision to downsize our herd and quit breeding.  I just don't have the time to train and show crias like I used to.  However, after losing my precious Lily (born in October 2010, she would've been our last cria) in January to a dog attack, I had to re-think the idea of not breeding our one remaining female llama (Bluff, Lily's mom).  It was a big more difficult logistically since I had already sold our herdsire Ridge, but with a little bit of work Ridge made it back to the farm for a short visit, and Bluff has been rebred (well, hopefully, we're still in the process of making sure the breeding took)!

Autumn Hill's Iliamna (aka Lily) at one month of age (her mom Bluff is in the background)

So even though it seems like forever from now, I will get one more llama cria of my own in mid-April next year!  I really hope Bluff has a girl, but if she has a boy I may just have to rebreed her again and keep trying...

Bluff and her first cria, Rainier.  I can't wait to see that sight again!

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Split Rock Ranch said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of sweet little Lily. I hope Bluff gives you a beautiful healthy cria next year. I'll keep my fingers crossed and think PINK!