Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Cleaning!

Yes, I'm doing spring cleaning around the house, but I won't bore you with those details...  I'm talking about spring cleaning of my blog!  Or more like a little re-organization...

This blog has slowly been evolving since I started it a few years ago.  Originally I wanted a place to talk about my fiber and llamas, especially since my website program was a pain and hard to update.  Unfortunately at the time, I wasn't living at home on the farm so 90% of what I talked about was fiber.  And I was terrible about updating!

Kara's baby fleece that I was processing for an Etsy customer.

For the past year, I've had the luxury of living on a farm again!  Granted, the llamas didn't get here until about 6 months ago, but I still had more fun outdoorsy stuff to talk about.  I've even gotten a little better about updating on a regular basis!

Putting in fence!  More of that to come later on this spring!

Now I'm entering the 3rd phase of my blog.  I'm planning on starting a big new project this year (my very first vegetable garden!), and I really wanted to blog about it but wasn't sure if it would fit with my more "fibery" theme.  After bouncing ideas around with some people, I decided on a compromise.  I *am* going to add the garden stuff to the blog, but I'm going to split up my main 3 topics.  My plan is: on Tuesdays I will talk about fiber (knitting/spinning), on Thursdays I will talk about llamas, and on Saturdays I will talk about the garden!  I'm hoping to figure out how to put the posts on separate pages, but we'll see if that actually happens!  At the very least the topics will have unique labels, so you can filter through the posts that way.

One of my flower gardens.  I am re-doing a few of those this summer too, so they may get a blog post or two!

I hope this is a welcomed change to the blog.  I really hope that it will also help force me to update more frequently!  If you have any other suggestions on changes I should make to the blog, please leave me a comment...I would really appreciate feedback!

Kara says "hi"!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to following your journey. There's nothing like playing in the dirt. eran

Emaly said...

Thanks Eran, I'm really looking forward to it! I love flower gardening, but have never tried vegetables. I've done a lot of research though, so hopefully that and a lot of llama poop will get me a decent garden!