Saturday, July 20, 2013

Knitting Pattern #2: Horseshoe Lace Legwarmers

Finally back from my Colorado trip (aka honeymoon!), and thought I would go ahead and publish my second knitting pattern!  This is a simple variation from the first one, just a different lace pattern.  Both are very easy, and work up beautifully.

The black horseshoe lace and grey leaf lace legwarmers.

Horseshoe Lace Legwarmers

Horseshoe lace legwarmers.

Finished Size:  18" long, 5" wide (when folded flat).  Approx. women’s small

Knit Picks Gloss Fingering (Fingering weight), 2 balls
#3 needles - double point
7sts & 10rows = 1"

Cast on 72 sts, join to work in the round
Work *k1 (twisted), p1* rib for 2”
K2tog, knit around

Follow pattern for 14” (or desired length minus 4’)
  • Knit
  • K1, *yo, k3, sl1, k2tog, psso, k3, yo, k1*
  • Knit
  • P1, *k1, yo, k2, sl1, k2tog, psso, k2, yo, k1, p1*
  • P1, *k9, p1*
  • P1, *k2, yo, k1, sl1, k2tog, psso, k1, yo, k2, p1*
  • P1, *k9, p1*
  • P1, *k3, yo, sl1, k2tog, psso, yo, k3, p1*

K1, m1, knit around
Work *k1 (twisted), p1* rib for 2”
Bind off loosely

Close-up of the lace pattern.

Legwarmers with boots and leggings.


Emaly said...

Here's the Ravelry link:

donna-allan said...

I love this pattern and want to make them for my daughter for Christmas. I'm going to use the suggested yarn and am interested in knowing if you have any more reviews from someone who has knitted this pattern? The needles are quite small and I'm wondering if it is over- picky? Also, would rather use circulars...any problem? Thanks a lot!

Emaly said...

Unfortunately I don't have any reviews from the pattern yet. I used small needles so that the fabric would be more dense. You could certainly use larger needles if you adjusted the number of stitches (otherwise the legwarmers will be too big). You could use circulars as well, either short ones or long ones using the magic loop method. Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

These look gorgeous! I've been trying to make these but am having trouble figuring out the pattern. Wondering why the cast on says 72 stitches rather than 70 or 71 since the pattern appears to be a 10 stitch repeat. What am I missing? Thanks.

Unknown said...
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Emaly said...

You're right Julie! It is a 10 stitch repeat with one extra stitch, would would give 71. Since I did 1x1 ribbing on both ends, I needed to start and end with an even number. I've added a row at the beginning and end to decrease and increase so that the stitch counts work out. Thanks for catching the glitch!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the clarification!

Mad knitter said...

I have been "battling" with the pattern for a week and it still does not work. I am sorry I don't understand the claridfication you provided Julie Phoenix with. How many stitches should I have on the needles for the pattern to work? Your pattern has 11 stitches repeat and not ten. What am I doing wrong?

Emaly said...

I'm sorry you've been having issues with the pattern. The repeated part of the pattern is actually only 10 stitches, but one extra stitch is worked in each row to make a flat stitch pattern work in the round. For example, in the second row, you knit 1, and then work *yo, k3, sl1, k2tog, psso, k3, yo, k1* (everything between the **s is repeated) 7 times. So you need 71 stitches to work the lace pattern. Due to the ribbing I needed an even number of stitches, so I cast on 72 and decrease 1 at the beginning. I hope this helps!


Mad knitter said...

Thanks so much for the explanation. I understand now.

Sue Riger said...

Can you please advise how to make a women's medium or large size using this pattern? Thank you!!!

Emaly said...

To make a medium or large you would want to add a few extra pattern repeats. The pattern is 10 stitches that are repeated around 7 times, with one extra stitch at the end. 7 repeats makes a legging 10" around. So if you want a legging 14" around you would need 9.8 (round up to 10) repeats of the pattern. If you figure out how big you want the legging you can determine how many pattern repeats to make. Does that make sense?